Hire Fire Dancers South Florida; BIG FIRE, Best Prices at A Hot Party

Fire Dancers

There’s really nothing as captivating as FIRE.  As Human’s we’re genetically drawn to it and love to dance in it’s warm glow!

Captivate your guests with our Fire-Dancers, Fire-Eaters, Fire-Blowers & multi-talented Fire-Performers who can Juggle Fire, Spin Fire-Hoola-Hoops, Dance with Fire-Poi or bring to life many other unique Fire Props like the Flaming Whip, Flaming Headpieces & Double-Sided Spinning Pixie-Dragon!   * Multiple Fire Performers available for a ‘Package Deal’

We’re flexible on Performances.

  • We don’t fit you into our BOX… we fit into your event and make it spectacular, offering either a long Performance SHOW, or multiple Fire-Sets as background / atmosphere.
  • With 1, 2, 3 or up to 8 performers all rotating to create a unique, high-energy experience, we will never bore you with a basic, beginnerroutine… We Make It Reallly Hot!

Scroll Down to See Some of our HOT Fire-Dancers in Action!

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Not sure if you can have Big FIRE at your Venue… we can exchange for LED GLOW-SHOW Performers or Light-Up Glow-Botsfor the same dazzling experience but with LED Lights instead of flames.

Want to make your whole event GLOW with vibrant color & moving lights, see our Lighting Design page for ideas.