Aerial Aerialists Dancers in the Sky in Miami, South Florida – A Hot Party


Aerial Dancers in the Sky!

Aerialists can transform the empty space ABOVE your event into a performance playground where ALL guests are able to witness their strength & beauty. 

We currently have 3 options when planning an Aerial Performance.

1) Suspended from the ceiling - (rigging specifications below)

2) Suspended from our free-standing Truss (tipi)

3) Ground-Supported Aerial Lollipop Rig - (See attached pictures)


Pricing for Aerial Arts typically starts at $1200-$1400 for either 2-3 sets of 7-12min over an hour, or one 20-30 min "Show" choreographed to music. 

  * Additional options can include:

 ** The Ground-Rig / LolliPop Rig which goes from the Ground UP 

  ** Building a free-standing Truss Structure (tipi) up to 24' high.

  *** Specialty Products like the Crystal Chandeliers or Themed Aerial Rigs such as Hearts, Stars, Anchors, Webs, Chains, etc


 *  We can also set-up a LIVING TABLE Lady to hold all glassware for an Aerial-Bartender, Champagne Pouring set-up!

Call 954.288.5672 (or text 954.299.0209) to get started with your Aerial party planning today. 

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