Dancing with the star

Dancing with the Stars!

The Port Royal Club is an exclusive landmark in Naples; considered to be one of the finest private clubs in the world.…We Blew Them Away!

As guests approached the club, their mouths’ dropped open! We created an exclusive ‘Hollywood Premier’ entrance with colorful wall-lights, chrome stanchions, and a custom-cut red carpet leading up the stairs! As guests approached, the club manager would whisper their name to our first (of many) ‘Paparazzi-girls, who would shout wildly for their attention! ‘Autograph-girls’ would flock as guests were interviewed by our Joan Rivers figure. Guests were then directed up the stairs to the Green-Screen, Shoot-&-Print Photo Station, where their picture would later be turned into a glass-framed keepsake.More stanchions, mood lights, and iridescent stars led the path to our cocktail room, where a costumed ballroom dancer was giving lessons.Awaiting in the ballroom was a sight to be seen. A fiber-optic “twinkle-drape” covered the entire Stage Wall. To one side, a 13’ staircase-to-the-stars, on the other side, an 11’ crescent moon, both lit with twinkle-lights. 3’ glittered stars dangled from the ceiling, as a giant mirror-ball painted the room with sparkles of light. Mirror-fabric tablecloths & lit centerpieces added radiance!As Master of Ceremony, I had the pleasure of wearing my white tuxedo & top-hat, and theatrically introducing our beautiful piano-top singer with spotlight to open the evening, and then 6 ballroom dancers who competed for the audiences delight! With the audience’s help, we crowned a Dancing with the Stars Champion before all the dancers helped guests to the floor to really start the party!Our DJ kept guests dancing all night long, until it was time to project the New Year’s ‘Ball-Drop’ and shower the audience in silver & gold confetti!

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