60's Hippie theme party Florida – A Hot Party

The Funky 60’s

Feelin’ Super-Groovy in your bell-bottoms, tie-dye or afro-wig, you slide through the beaded curtain & low-lying fog and into the 60’s Baby! You’re welcomed with a Peace-Sign and a blown kiss by our Funky-60’s-Girls & told to “Make-Love-Not-War.”

Your handed purple glasses, themed jewelry & given a Groovy Instant Tattoos.

Enjoy a colorful glass of Ken Keesey’s Electric Kool-Aid poured through a 5’ Colorful Ice Sculpture, then witness the 10’ Lava-Lamp Shadow-Dancers projected overhead as ALL the furniture & glassware pulse with color to the beat of the music…. Hits of the 60’s of course!
Here’s a Sneak Peek of our Funky 60’s Theme: (Call Us for the Rest!!)

Tie-Die Living Carpet for guests to Enter
Custom Sign with Giant Flower Petals
Low-lying fog & Colorful Lighting at entrance
Continuous DJ Mix of the 60’s
STAR-Laser Projectors all over + slow-moving Flower gobo’s
Themed Greeters, Cocktail / Go-Go-Dancers, “The Crazy Woodstock guy”
Plush Giant Flower Pillows in Bright Psychedelic Colors
Airbrushed Flower-Power Girls& Roller-Skaters
Temp. Tattoo’s& Themed Gifts for guests upon entry
Oversized fake Joints or a Custom Cigar Roller
5-foot 60’s Theme Ice Luge with Electric Kool-Aid
Shadow Dance Visual Projection
Fortune-Teller in enclosed 60’s draped room
L.E.D. Hoola-Hoop Girls (same Models)
The Hippie-Booth; Photobooth with Custom Strips
Guitar-Hero; Beatles on crisp 50’’ Plasma Screen.
Games with Themes of the 60’s, so it’s almost educational / re-living the Era
Glowing Poi Dancers in the BlackLight Room

End your night with a Final Surprise: The Good Humor Ice-Cream Man dressed in white with Ice-Cream or Candy of The 60’s! Or we can give away Silly-Putty & old Dunkin Yo-Yo’s for your audience to bring back home for their kids.

Either way, your guests are in for a treat!
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