James Bond; 007

James Bond; 007

James Bond is ICONIC. Known for it’s action, sex-appeal & state of the art technology, the 007 brand has captivated audiences for decades. Today, you can host your very own James Bond; 007 party and make your guest of honor feel like he/she has a License To Kill!

Whether you’re planning a private birthday party, Casino-Night Fundraiser, or interactive Corporate Event, we’re able to customize our James Bond theme proposal to your desires & budget. We have many pre-designed sample proposals ranging from $5000 - $100,000+ to create the event of your dreams!

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Your Custom Proposal may include some of the following:

Grand Entrance:

Sound-System with iconic Bond Music playing as guests arrive

(2) Custom Giant Golden Guns as Entrance Arch (see pics)

20' Red-Carpet & (6) Chrome Stanchions & Velvet Ropes

Giant Glittery Gold 007 - 6' tall x 12' wide

Handsome Secret-Agent in Tux handing out 'TOP-SECRET' Missions

* See attached List of "Missions" that guests are Challenged to accomplish thru the night

50 "TOP-SECRET" envelopes, stuffed with 500 EURO & 1 "Mission"

Green-Screen Shoot-&-Print Photos with BOND Design + Logo / Text on printed photos

Exotic Animals Experience:

(2) Live Tigers in Steel Cages (6'x8') needs 7' clearance into the property

- Tigers will require a 5' barrior around cages. On from 7pm-11pm.

Cocktails / Foyer:

All Gold Living-Table Lady with Champagne Glasses spread around her table

Lolli-Pop Aerialist in Gold Spandex hanging upside down pouring Champagne

LED Light-Up Violinist in sexy cocktail dress performing (2) sets of 40min

5' Light-Up Plexi.Glass Bar (Sexy Airbrushed Bartenders & Servers on Request)

Sexy-Sushi Table with décor, garish, Su'chef& model

LIVE DJ continuously Mixing the entire night, from 7pm-1am

(4) Casino Tables; all tables include dealers for a 4-hour block

Solid Wood 12' Craps Table on Black wood Stands

Gold Plated Cards on Blackjack & Poker

Lighting Design & Additional Décor / Rentals:

(6) 4'x8' Giant Painted BOND Portraits along the back perimeter

(2) Giant 8' Circle BOND Gun-Barrel Designs (as seen in pics)

Shadow-Dancers Projection system

* Hot Bond-Girls dancing Behind the Screen (at least that's what it looks like!)

Lighting Design

- (4) High-Powered Moving Head Lights

- (16) High-Powered Wash Lights around the property

- (4) LED Light-Up Cocktail Tables (functional & fun)

- (4) Martini Glass Centerpieces with Diamonds & Gold Cards

To Be Discussed:

Full 16' x 16' LED Lighted dance floor

Choreographed BOND Dance Show with (6) Dancers

Midnight Surprise with Madame Burlesque Show!

Midnight Performance Surprise with The Mirror Dancers!

…And Even More On Request!

At A Hot Party; we specialize in Theme Production & Entertainment in South Florida & international. We’ve been awarded a Nationwide Finalist for “Best Entertainment Production” in the United States, as well as “Event Producer of the Year.”

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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