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A Night In Morocco

Yes, we also own a collection of authentic Moroccan Furnishings & Décor to help set the mood and atmosphere for your Night in Morocco theme party.

From decorated Tents to full Ballroom Design, we can help transform your space and then fill it with the sights, sounds & flavors of Arabia. Let us pull together unique entertainers like Belly / Snake / Fire / Sword & Wing Dancers, as well as costumed characters & live Camels to bring your theme party to LIFE!

Below is a sample proposal (without the pictures), but if you email us now, we can send you a Full Price-Guide and collection of Images to start building your Moroccan Theme Party, all in one place.

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The Grand Entrance:

·  6’ x 8’ 3-D Camel with Moroccan Themed Greeters Welcoming Your Guests!

·   Persian Carpets for your Guests to walk down with warm candles on either side

·  A large Silk Tent Draping spread open for your guests to walk under

·  Colored Up-lighting that makes a statement & directs your guests: -Approximately 10 Up-lights

· Custom Designed Gobo + Professional Source-4 on Base

   Projected onto a Black Pipe & Drape (approx. 12’ wide)

·  Custom Printed 8’ x 8’ Step & Repeat Banner in between 21’ x 8’ drape  – Includes all Pipe & Base to hang everything

Moroccan Inspired Entertainment:  

·   (2) Stilt-Walkers  – includes custom costuming

           –  To walk among the crowd, as if searching through the dessert for their Bedouin Tent; Fully Moroccan Draped in rich fabrics:
        – Gold, Fucia, Purple, Green, Ornate with beaded fringe & accents

·  An Unbelievable Strolling Illusionist – 7:15-8:00pm –

            – Randomly approaching & entertaining guests

·  Hot Belly, Sword & Snake Dancers roaming & dancing the property

Audio, Video & Fantastic Lighting:

·  Crisp, spectacular sound, everywhere with 8 powered speakers

·  High-Quality Up-lighting of the entire Venue with 80 up-lights  

       – our WIRELESS DMX Lights are The Hottest on the Market!

        – Colors can be MIXED for the perfect blend &saturatioin.

        – When it’s time to party, our Lighting Controller will show your guests                   
             what these lights can really do, changing styles to the music beat!

High-Powered LED Moving Head Lights around the Dance floor  –

       – 6 Intelligent Club Lights with 16 Patterns & Unlimited Color Mixing!

       – Moving Heads to be elevated 8’ above guests on 4 Free-Standing Truss

      – Includes a Light-Controller on site to manage your lighting experience…

      -   1 Projector, with Video Source & Sound if needed    –

     –  To be positioned by the Dance Area (Front or Rear Projection)

     –   Include a Luxurious Drape-Kit around the Giant 9’ x 12’ Screen

·  Live Video Feed + Videographer for up to 4 hours  –  

            – Includes lots of extension wire from one room to the other

            – Projected onto same screen as presentations.

            – Videographer from 9:00 to Midnight.

·  Includes (2) Wireless Microphones                                      

·  Includes (3) Source-4 Leko’s or LED’s with Gobo Patterns  

Audio, Video & Fantastic Lighting (cont.) :

Room 1 – Dining & Presentation Room (approximately 120′ x 50′ room)

Needs 12’ x 24’ Stage – Elevated approx. 3’ Tall –

Also needs 16’ x 16’ Stage in the Party Room  –

Test feedback from Live Feed Camera, filming directly in front of projection screen.

·        Down-Lighting (from pipes) on Food stations
        * Approx. 8 Wireless Lights, lighting 8 food stations  –

Room 2 – The Party Room

Music from the Party-Room will be heard throughout the entire venue – Included

·  Amber Colored Up-lighting on the gates – Approx. 8 lights  –

Moroccan Inspired Design:  

·  Red Velvet Entrance Carpet; a bit of added luxury –

·  Another Red-Carpet down the Hallway to connect rooms

       – Approximately 50′ long  

·  An Entire Room FULL of Moroccan Lounge Furniture:              

     –   We will bring More than enough to ensure a cozy environment.

     –    Includes Richly Colored Leather Ottomans, Hand-Painted Wood Decorative Couches & Chairs, Large Royal Wicker Thrones, Brass Moroccan Tables, lamb-skin lamps in a variety of sizes, lamb-skin & brass room-dividers & more to fill your requested space of 12′ deep x 70′ long.

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