Host a GLOW-PARTY; South Florida. LED Light-Up Decor, Entertainment, Music, Blacklight Lighting,


Futuristic Parties always have incredible Lighting!
…well, The Future Is NOW.

We own some of the best lighting on the market, able to wirelessly transform your home, ballroom or blank space into an awesome party atmosphere!

Looking for a U.V. Blacklight Party, we’ve got you covered with up to (20) High-Powered LED U.V. Blacklights that can make an entire gymnasium GLOW!
Combine our lighting with our UV Spandex designs, Glow-Show Performers, Centerpieces, Furniture, Glow-Photobooth, & unique LED Entertainers and you’ve got an unforgettable Glow Party!

We also have LED Light-Up Casino Tables, Cocktail Tables and even Glowing Banquet tables that seat up to 10 guests.  Looking for even more Glow-Fun, add our UV Glowing Mini-Golf or LED Light-Up Games such as Ping-Pong, Cornhole, Foosball, or Bowling.

Want to Brand the event as uniquely Your Own… include our LED Pixel-Poi Spinner with custom Logo spinning in lights or other LED performers in Reflective Costumes with Cirque Du Soleil-style skills including Light-Up Poi, Devil-Sticks, LED Staff, LED Hoops, U.V. Sheets and even a Fiber-Optic Whip!

Talent can perform sets of background Glow-Show without interrupting the flow of your party, or take-over the main stage or dancefloor for a full Dinner Show or Dance-Floor break.

Add our Light-Up Party Drummersto TURN UP the hype…

Or our LED Light-Up Glow-Botsfor a really exciting set or Hora’Loca!

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