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Haunted House Production & Halloween Parties!

NO ONE does Halloween better than A Hot Party!
We’ve had multiple clients & guests tell us our Haunted Houses are “WAYYY Better” than Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando (and no hour-long lines!)

Everything we do is customizable.

Whether you’re looking for a Sexy Adult Halloween Party with small Haunted-House ‘Entrance’…

…a Kid-Friendly Community Halloween Event with Interactive Games & Activities…

…or a Terrifyingly FUN Private Haunted House experience for your Office / School  or Neighborhood…
we’ll design the perfect Solution for you!

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·   Weekend’s in October WILL Sell-Out as we only accept 1-2 client’s per date for quality control.

See our Promo Videos:

1) Full Haunt & Halloween Party at Hardrock Hotel-

2) Public Haunted House at Gulfstream Park & Casino –

3) 1-Day Private Office / Team-Building Haunt –


Some of our “Haunted House” Theme Concepts:
-       The Vampires Lair
-       Creepy Carnival or Killer Klowns
-       Things Of The Night (best for outdoors)
-       VIRUS; the Apocalypse
-       ASYLUM

Scary & Scare Stations:
We design the Atmosphere to be Scary, and then Create SCARE-Stations with Live Actors!-          
“Scary” such as a graveyard with corpses breaking through the ground, a giant warewolf lurking, caskets with animated skeletons, a maze of hanging corpses, rats, snakes and severed body-parts. Or another zone with Slow-Moving Clown Props with Light-Up Eyes or Eerie Cocoon-People hanging from the ceiling that you have to push through to pass with white Strobe Lighting making the Cocoons seems to twitch and move in the darkness…  All environments include a Complete Atmosphere Design with Professional Lighting, Audio & Special-Effects.

-   “Scare” Stations:  While our ‘Scary-Stations” are designed to set the mood, intrigue your senses & put you on edge… Our SCARE Stations are designed to FREAK YOU OUT & leave you Laughing / Screaming / maybe Crying.  These can include: a Pop-Out Vampire that welcomes you & just wants to share a quick drink (or perhaps a Bite), Goblin hidden behind the tombstones, Creepy-Clowns in Giant Jack-in-the-Box, Chainsaw-Freaks or Hungry Zombies charging you, Monsters with Machetes, Stilt-Walking Demons, terrible squawking creatures… you get the idea  : )
Our HAUNTS can also include:

-        Lots of Props                               

-        Lots of Fabric

-        Hanging Décor

-        Animatronix

-        Custom Creations

-        Projected Visuals


-        Dying Trees

-        Haunting Audio

-        Eerie Lighting

-        Special Effects

-        Escape Mazes

-        And Much More…

Email us today for a Full Haunted House / Halloween Party Proposal & Price-Guide or call 954.288.5672 to tell us more about your vision.

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