Samba Carnival


There are few experiences in this world as exciting and festive as the SAMBA CARNIVAL!

We strive to bring the energy of Rio’s Sambadrome to your special event with colorful décor, lively entertainers & the music to move all of your guests!

Here’s a few creative ideas to compliment your Brazilian Carnival / SAMBA Dancer Theme Party:
Flight Attendants, welcoming your guests that have just ‘arrived’ to Brazil!

Fully Airbrushed Brazilian Models with the Brazilian flag painted across their bodies.
Elaborate Carnival-Themed Costumed Greeter with Large Feathers dancing at the entrance.
Exotic Animal display where guests can feed a live Sloth, Lemur or Macau Birds.
Green-Screen Photos that superimpose guests onto Sugarloaf Mountain or a Sambadrome Parade before instantly printing on site with custom text/logo & frame!

Cocktail Hour:
As guests enter the Brazilian Lounge, the mood is set with a light blue or deep green light-wash creating a very sexy mood. If outside, we can also add Fire-Torches around the perimeter.

Sets of White Leather Lounge-furniture create a cozy Lounge to the cocktail foyer,

LED Color-Changing Cocktail Tables are functional & FUN!

Rio De Janeiro Friendly Street Vendors can be set-up to one side of the property giving away Brazilian Jewelry.

Our Beautiful Brazilian Models in beach-wear (not full Carnival Costumes yet) can be mingling through the crowd of guests offering temporary tattoos of the Brazillian Flag, or in Full Carnival Costume taking pictures with guests.

Handsome Capoeiristas mingling in front of the Lounges, building excitement, performing minor acrobatics, posing for pictures with guests in special poses.

DJ playing music of Brazil + our Live Conga player or Drummer adding dimension.

Dinner Shows!

Brazilian Singer in Portuguese.

Full Brazilian Capoeira Show

 – Interactive, with introduction to the Berimbau (Instrument) & Tambourine first, followed by a Full Capoeira Show with 4 Performers + 3 or 4 Live Percussionists!

Sexy Fire-Performer mingling with small Fire-Props

FullSamba Show starts with Samba Dancers being introduced one-at-a-time so they can each showcase some of their best dance moves individually.  Then after each dancer has showcased on the floor, all dancers perform a Samba Show together to very high-energy music & live percussionists.  After the ‘SHOW’ we’ll ask guests to Stand-Up, Grab their Tambourines, and Jump on the Conga-Line back out to the dancefloor.  This is where we turn all the lights to FULL PARTY-MODE, shower People on the Dancefloor with Confetti Launchers, lead guests under the LIMBO Stick & Get the party started!

Option to add our Hot Strolling Cigar-Girls walking around with Cigars or Milk-Chocolate Cigars / Cigarettes

Interactive Games like our Team Brazil Soccer Station where guests try to kick a Soccer ball into a Small GOOOAAAALLLLL!!!

More On Request!  Call 954.288.5672 to discuss.

We assume you’re excited and ready to PARTY Now!

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