Living Red-Carpet

Living Red-Carpet:

An 80-Foot Luxurious LIVE-Entrance!

Want to WOW your guests from the very moment they arrive… send them walking down our Living Red-Carpet greeter’s 5′ wide red-velvet dress!

Guests will be welcomed to your party by our Living Red-Carpet greeter to realize that they are Standingson her Dress!   Guests can pose for a photo, grab a specialty cocktail, or be directed toward the next special-event surprise.

Your Living Red-Carpet can range in size, anywhere from 15′ to 100′ long, and also be other custom colors, such as a Purple Velvet carpet… or Tie-Die for your 1960’s Hippie-Party.

Sky’s the limit!  We also have a Full L.E.D. Light-Up Plexi-Glass walkway to turn your entrance into a High-Fashion Runway!

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After a ‘Welcome’ & a photo, beverages and hor’dourves roll right up to your guests served by our strolling table-ladies!  More fun & surprises await around every corner as other props & furniture come to life with beautiful models & actresses playing the part.

Our LivingTables can also greet your guests on arrival with place cards, glide effortlessly around  serving hors d’oeuvres, drinks, desserts, or stroll throughout the room with candy, casino chips, or specialty branded items.  There’s no limit to what your beautiful Living Table can display & present to your guests!