A Hot Party doesn’t create a Themed Event with some Props…
We create a Themed Event with Emotion… Interaction… Environment!

The Entrance to an event is one of the most important elements in setting the mood & getting your guests ready for a great time. It’s the first opportunity to bring the word “WOW” to their lips, and send a little tickle of excitement down their spine!
To accomplish this, I propose building a 10’ illuminated Treasure Island sign (see attached) and surrounding this rustic wood sign with moss and a jungle of ferns, palms, & other sub-tropical live trees. As guests enter down the ‘Black-Carpet’, we blast a layer of low-lying fog onto the ground & play the audio of a Stormy Ocean Night or Theatrical Pirate Music (click below) at least until most guests have entered, before playing more subtle background music.
Stormy Pirate Battle Theatrical Pirate Music
To bring it all together, we would cut the white lights, and use blue colored up-lighting to set the mood, and bring in an industrial fan (hidden behind a drape) to add the effect of Wind on the open Sea! The concept is that we’re sending guests on a journey to TREASURE ISLAND during cocktail hour. Four costumed Inter-Actors will be greeting guests as they arrive, and giving them their rolled-up Treasure Map! This will be a great ice-breaker & talking point for guests to interact with. (Details to follow). Included in our Production will be small Themed cocktail centerpieces & votive candles for aprox. 10 standing height cocktail rounds. Our costumed Inter-Actors will engage guests during cocktail hour & let them know that the Treasure Map leads to a key that may open 1 of 10 Treasure Chests filled with Treasure!! (Guests will start wondering if it involves some kind of Scavenger Hunt – See Map Below) When the main doors are opened, we hope to ‘WOW’ guests again with a ballroom transformed into a ship-wrecked pirates cove. White, sheer, semi-transparent fabric will be draped from the ceiling & walls, and cut to look torn by the wind. Blue & Black-lights will hit the fabric to make it glow, as well as some liquid-light effects. Various props, such as a Giant Wood Pirate Skull, 2 Giant Swords, a battery-operated Pirate skeleton, barrels of rum, and other Pirate Themed Props will be scattered throughout the room.
The main focal point will be the 20’ x 40’ Pirate themed drape across the front of the room, which we will be sure to light from the ground up to help it POP. To add a bit of 3-dimention to that 40’ backdrop, I suggest adding some Pirate Flags to the top, roughly every 10 feet, and we can continue the sheer fabric décor from the edge of the backdrop to the side walls.

“Welcome To TREASURE ISLAND,” Emcee Spence’ announces!
– The Party has officially begun.

See 20’ x 40’ Backdrop
Elements of the party: (all included )
20’ x 40’ Backdrop Fantastic + Pipe & Base Hardware
Torn Fabric Décor as entrance into the Ballroom + from the 40’ drape to the walls.
Colorful uplights& 400watt blacklights to make the fabric & walls glow Various Props around the room…
– Including Giant Wood Pirate Skull, 2 Giant Swords, battery-Pirate skeleton, barrels of rum, spider webbing, etc
Another idea for centerpieces is spending that budget on tall candle holders,
and wrapping / draping it with lots of pirate costume jewelry. The “Green”
and socially-conscious value behind this, it that after the party, all the props
& costume jewelry will be donated to children’s hospitals.
Right in the middle of the room, near the Jewelry Station will be:
12 Authentic Treasure Chests with antique locks on them… inside 10 of the chests will be TREASURE!
Inside one of the chests will be _____?______ some opportunity (to be discussed)
Inside the 12th chest will be a LIVE talking Pirate’s Skull!
* This will crack people up when they walk by this PROP that starts heckling them!
OR we could move the talking Pirate Head to the Buffet Table
Those 12 Treasure Chests are going to make everyone curious!
…. Here’s when we bring the Treasure Map back!
Each Treasure Map has a number of ‘Locations’ that coincide with
Interactive games & activities scattered around the room.
Guests must complete each game or activity to get a STAMP from that
Attendant & once all their Stamps are filled…. They can get a KEY!!
Not every key opens a lock, in fact there are 150 keys yet only TWO of them can open each Chest!
As soon as guests complete the games & activities below, they receive a key & can try their luck !
Games & Activities!
1) ART Either take a Photo with a Parrot on your Shoulder with the Captain Pirate
-OR- Get a caricature of yourself drawn
2 )EXPERIENCE Visit the Pirate Fortune Teller
-OR- Get an airbrushed tattoo
3) SKILL Dunk the dirty Pirate off the Plank (indoor dunk-tank with dirty pirate heckler)
-OR- Land a Quarter in the Pirate’s Mouth at the “NO QUARTER – NO MERCY” Game
4) LUCK POP A Balloon on the giant Pirate’s Head cut-out
OR- Land a ring around the rum at the “RING-THE-RUM” Game
5) KNOWLEDGE The 5th Stamp can be on one of your executives or someone that just accomplished something that everyone should know about, such as TOP SALES WOMAN… The question (or riddle) could be something to the effect of who landed the most sales this year – Answer has the Stamp.
Guests will have a great time attempting each game, and this will add another element of excitement to the overall evening, almost like an Amazing Race, keeping guests moving.
Of course, there will be Themed Characters as attendants at each of the games & activities, and our DJ will be spinning a great collection of both themed pirate music as well as top-40 hits through all the decades.
I would also suggest having the Custom Pirate Photoboothwith 3’ x 5’ Pirate Flags flying 13’ above the Photobooth corners. We would include a variety of Pirate Props for guests to bring into the pictures with them, and customize the bottom inch of the photo-strip to include the Theme’s ‘Logo’. *After the event, you’ll receive a CD with the Best-of-the-Best Pictures, large enough to email back to your employees or put together a hilarious video reel (which I can do for you as well).
Other strolling entertainment may include:
Strolling Pirate Trio Band:
Sword Fighters:
Pirate Juggler:
Interactive Treasure Map
Given out during Cocktail Hour to get guests wondering what’s in store for them!
Once completed, guests will get a Pirate Stamp.