Call us today for our FULL Sports Theme Proposal with Images & Examples of the ideas below: 

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Guests pass through the TAILGATING Parking Lot with Ed Morse trucks down the hall + one ‘large man’ with Ed Morse Body-Painted across his entire body.

 Astro-turf walk-way, aprox. 8’ wide x 20’ long

–       Marked with hash-marks &“20” – “15” – “10” – “5” – “CASH-BASH!!”

 6 CHEERLEADERS creating a tunnel of Pom-Poms welcoming guests with 2-3 Custom Cheers & movements:

 4 Colorful Feather banners  along the walkway

 Mylar Shimmer Drape, like long Pom-Poms hanging down 13’ tall x  32’ wide.

 Customized, “WILL-CALL” Sign over the Registration Table (see pic)



 Custom Designed “Baseball Cards”with Pictures & ‘Stats’ of Ed Morse Executives

–       Just send me pictures of Executives & I’ll design PROFESSIONAL Cards!


For more of a panorama-feel, we extend the backdrop caddy-corner withFOUR Stadium Backdrops, stretching 20’ tall x 180’ around the front of the room!

The two back corners will also be decorated with a 12’ tall x 44’ wide Horse Racing scene, and the other corner painted with projected images from the Digital Caricaturists’!

REMOVED the Feather banners to fill in the aprox. 40’ space between the front & back

Other Props include:, Old Cheer-Horns, Antique Sport-balls & Flags



–      13 Games In Total withaprox. 32 Playersat any given time (aprox. 2-5 min. games)

–       Thus, at an average of 3 min./ game… in one hour someone should be able to play EVERY game.

Custom Corn-Hole Gamewith Ed Morse logo

‘SHOLF’  –  blend of Shuffle-board & Mini-Golf with Points

Video-Game Archery on a 50’’ Plasma TV

Air-Hockey tables… a classic! (7’ professional arcade size – brand new )

Free-Throw Single-Shot… requires focus to make the most consecutive shots in a row

Football Q.B. – Challenge against the clock to hit the right holes

Baseball Pitch… test your accuracy to score points

Pool Table… quick 9-ball challenge (each player must hit 4 balls in + the 8-Ball)

Table-Tennis… Game up to 11 points (points score on Every Volley)

*PUZZLE-Challenge… Race to build your hilarious, Custom Photo-Puzzle!  (includes 2)

  TWO Puzzles can be created of Randy & Dennis as Sumo-Wrestlers (or ANYTHING Else!)

–       15 Piece Puzzles should take 2 min. to complete & Great to see what Image comes out.


BEER-PONG – 3 Cups on each side of a 6’ table. We can theme the table Basketball + use a mini basketball-style ping-pong ball.

NASCAR Living-Table Racing… R.C. Racing around a beautiful model (INSIDE the track)

Video Horse Racing… Boardwalk style announcer gathering up to 8 guests at a time to choose their favorite Horse to compete in a 90-second fast-paced Video Horse Race, each ending in a thrilling Photo-Finish!  (some will win big, but ALL will Cheer Like Crazy!)


PHOTOBOOTH with Sports-related Props & Costumes

2 Digital Caricaturists – digitally designed on an i-pad & instantly printed in full color, emailed or Facebooked, and saved to a Master-CD of all images!

Drawings to be projected onto the wall above the Caricaturists for all to see


Sno-Cones, Cotton-Candy, Pop-Corn


Learning from last year, I know that we need to have 4 speakers and 4 100’ extension cables.  This year I will have a much more balanced sound-system with 2 speakers set-up in the corner of the Cocktail Room, and 2 speakers set-up in the Main Ballroom.  The audio controls will be independent, thus allowing us to find the proper volume for both the Cocktail room & Ballroom. The DJ will arrive between 4:30-5:00 and have everything fully SET, playing music by 6:30pm.  Music will include a variety of Sports-themed tracks & rock-&-roll classics, as well as softer dinner music & Top-40 Dance tracks to end the evening.

I’ll also be setting up a 13’ steel truss to hold 5 Scrolling Colorful “L.E.D. Intelligent-Lights”high above guests to give the Ballroom more energy & color. Some lights will “paint the ceiling” with color, others shoot around the room.