Here’s a Sample Proposal from a recent Samba Theme Night at Williams Island Club; Aventura, Florida.More images & Ideas on request:
Your valet will be accompanied by any of the following costumed greeters:
* Fully Airbrushed Brazilian Model with large assets in a Brazilian Bikini
* Elaborate Carnivale-Themed Costumed Greeter with Large Feathers
* Or a Flight Attendant, insinuating that guests have just ‘arrived’ as she WELCOMES them ‘to Brazil’
The Greeter can hand guests a small BOX or plastic gift-sack marked “SLOTH-FOOD – Keep Handy” or “MACAU FOOD – Keep Handy”
–Guests will be a bit puzzled until the walk down-stairs & see our Animals of Brazil Display where guests can actually feed a Live Three-toed Sloth or Macau Bird.
But first, if we’re directing ALL Guests from the Valet, through the restaurant & then down the stairs, somewhere along that path (perhaps in the restaurant or just outside the double-doors), we set-up our Green-Screen ‘Instant-Photo’ station.
This is where we prepare our Custom Party-Favor that guests will receive as they’re leaving the party.
At our Green-Screen, guests will be told the Look Excited & Smile Big! We will then super-impose them into a Custom Designed Digital Backdrop of Brazil. – Either Carnivale or a Rain-Forrest or any other Postcard of Brazil.
*With our New Instant-Printer, pictures can be Shot & Printed in 10 Seconds!
Cocktail Hour:
As guests enter the Brazilian Lounge, the mood is set with a light blue or deep green light-wash creating a very sexy mood (suspended from truss-poles). I would also suggest Fire-Torches around the perimeter adding some natural light & the sex-appeal of Fire.
(Let me know if you already have torches on site, or if I should handle this)?
This is where we have an “Animals of Brazil Display” where guests can take picture with AND FEED The Three-toed Sloth, Macau Bird or little Squirrel-Monkey!
(4) Sets of White Leather Lounge-furniture create a cozy Lounge perimeter to the cocktail foyer, which later will become a more relaxed hang-out during the Hype Dance-Party. We will also have (4) LED Color-Changing Cocktail Tables for guests to stand at in front of each lounge.White Lounge Sets include:
-Two White Sofas, Two Large Ottomans, Two White End-Tables + Votive Candles.

Creative Idea

Rio De Janeiro Friendly Street Vendors can be set-up to one side of the property ‘Selling’ Brazilian Jewelry, giving people the feeling of just getting off a cruise-ship to Brazil.  Two of our Beautiful Brazilian Models in beach-wear (not full Carnival Costumes yet) can be mingling through the crowd of guests offering temporary tattoos of the Brazillian Flag, suggesting that the first guests to accept the Tattoo on his/ her Forehead gets a Special Surprise!   –Or we can have them in Full Carnival Costume taking pictures with guests.

We’ll also have (4) Handsome Capoeiristas mingling in front of the Lounges, building excitement, performing minor acrobatics, posing for pictures with guests in special poses (will you have a 2nd photographer taking pictures)?

 The DJ will be playing music from his central control station inside the tent.We will have 4 Speakers wired around all 4 sides of the tent, so not only will the cocktail area have crisp clean sound, but when inside the tent, guests will be immersed in a Surround-Sound experience. *We will also have Hector our Live Conga player adding dimension to the music.

We can also have a Sexy Fire-Performer mingling with small Fire-Props (see video)


We will need to either Rope-&-Stanchion off the front Tent-Access during cocktail hour, or have Tent-Side-Walls closing off some of the front-sides.  We want guests to anticipate & desire entering the Party-Tent.  They can see the glow of deep RED lights bouncing off the tent walls & burning votive candles on the tables.

Once guests are allowed to enter the Party-Tent, the Deep RED lights change to a more welcoming Light Ocean Blue or if too bright, maybe a Deep Green.  As guests enter, they look up to see groupings of Giant 3’ Balloons in the National colors of Brazil (Green, Yellow & Dark Blue), accenting the Brazilian Flags also suspended from the tent ceiling, which includes (4) 3’ x 5’ & one focal-point,  5’ x 8’ Extra-Large Brazilian Flag.

(design diagram coming soon).

Grand Entrance!

When it’s ready to Open The Party-Tent… everyone’s going to KNOW, it’s Party-Time!  We will move the Live Conga Player from outside in the Lounge, to Inside on Stage, we’ll have our (4) Handsome Capoeirista’s& (2) Brazilian Models waiting to pull people onto the dancefloor, and our Moving Party-Lights will send beams of Colorful light scanning around the room as the DJ plays something Very Hype & High-Energy!  I will be on the mic, urging people to drop their purses & jackets at a table & join us on the floor for an opening set!  “Hurry People, we’ve only got 3 songs to Open Up this Party & we need YOU to help make it HOT!”   “WELCOME TO BRAZIL!!!”  We will break out a few dozen of our LED Color-Changing Tambourines for the first guests on the floor (they will be our Party-Starters for later!)

After 15-20min of High-Energy Dancing with our characters, we will invite guests to find their seats as dinner is served.  The Mood Lights can again instantly all change color to a deep relaxing Purple or Light Ocean-Blue.

After approx 30-40min. of cooling down & enjoying Dinner to more mellow background music, we can introduce our first of TWO ‘Dinner Shows’:

Brazilian Singer in Portuguese, Audio / Video Sample coming soon.

Full Brazilian Capoeira Show – Interactive, with introduction to the Berimbau (Instrument) & Tambourine first, followed by a Full Capoeira Show with 4 Performers + 3 or 4 Live Percussionists!

Here’s an idea:

  —Instead of doing round tables, we can have guests sit at Long Royal tables that are actually ‘Double-Tables’ with enough room for performers to dance on top of guest tables.   How much of the Table Décor, Linens, Chair-Covers, Centerpieces do you want me to manage?   As of now, we’re around  $_______.

Brazilian Samba Show – Our Capoeirista’s can help introduce the real ‘START’ of our party!  We’ll push this back as needed to make sure people are finished with dinner & ready to party.

Samba Show starts like Samba Celebrations in Brazil do… not with a Parade of Costumed Dancers, but rather in Brazil, Samba Dancers are introduced one-at-a-time so they can each showcase some of their best dance moves individually.  Then after each dancer has showcased on the dance-floor, all dancers perform a Samba Show together to very high-energy music & live percussionists.  After the ‘SHOW’ we’ll ask guests to Stand-Up, Grab their Tambourines, and Jump on the Conga-Line back out to the dancefloor.  This is where we turn all the tent lights to FULL PARTY-MODE (with random Strobe effect) – Shower People on the Dancefloor with Confetti Launchers – Have people go under the LIMBO Stick & Get the party started!  Live Percussionists & Samba Dancers will remain IN the Crowd for another 10-15min. until it’s cruising at high-energy.

At this point guests will naturally divide between the Party-People on the Dancefloor, the Drinkers at their Dinner tables, and the Talkers outside in the Lounge area.  I would suggest having dessert stations Both inside & outside of the tent.If we have the Budget for it, throughout the rest of the night, from 9:00-11:00pm, we can have (2) More Acts surprise & delight guests.

–One being our Inflatable BUBBLE Dancer, rolling around the Cocktail Foyer to perform a Sexy Dance Show (possibly rolling into the Party if location permits).

-Another being the Super LED Flashing Stilt-Dancer!  You’ve seen Video of this performer… he’s a little crazy & a Lot of exciting!  Sure to re-energize the Party!

Other Items that ‘could’ work:

 Living ‘Table-Lady’ during Cocktail Hour with Appetizers, Drinks, etc. . .

 Some of the finest Cigars in the world (Mata Sina) come from Brazil… we could have some Hot Cigar-Girls walking around with Cigar-Trays to the Gentlemen Outside in the Lounge After-Party.

 Soccer Player bouncing a Soccer-Ball

OR an Interactive Soccer-Game where guests try to kick a Soccer ball into a Small GOAL – not a hard kick… more like a slow accurate kick to roll right into a decorated 5Gal. bucket.