Sales Olympic


Guests walk under the impressive Olympic Rings toward their registration table, passing by STATUES; both Faux-Marble… And Real PEOPLE!

Interactive Greeters in Olympic Costuming:

Olympians getting ready for their Big Performance:

A really buff Hunk-Swimmer in speedo with swim-cap & goggles.

A Boxer in Team USA trunks & gloves

A Cycler in tight USA Biking attire          …etc


Olympic Performances:

As guests enter the room and/or in between presentations, we can simulate Olympic Events… mixing both Comical & Professional.


We can have a REAL Gymnast performing a beautiful Choreographed Ribbon Routine as guests enter the room, take their seats & the lights go dark.

For the next “performance”, a ‘Little Person’ comes out to throw a Javalin in slow-motion to the theme song of Chariots of Fire

Next a Professional Tae-Kwon-Do Demonstration breaking boards & doing a choreographed sparring match.

Next, a really skinny guy appears in a Spandex Singlet as a Weight Lifter with a 800lb Barbell.  After an excruciating lift, we simultaneously drop a Real weight at the same time he drop the fake weight so the stage thunders.

A professional fencing performance       …etc


Centerpieces & Table Linens:

Battery Powered Torches, flicker Flamesover a tall glass cylinder filled with Greek reeds.

–          Gold, Silver & Bronze medals hang around the wreath

Table Cloths in all Olympic colors spread around the ballroom:


See attached for the glorious Before & After.