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Here’s a little sneak peek:

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The Grand Entrance:
  • 6’ x 8’ 3-D Camel with Moroccan Themed Greeters Welcoming Your Guests!
  • Persian Carpets for your Guests to walk down with warm candles on either side
  • A large Silk Tent Draping spread open for your guests to walk under
  • Colored Up-lighting that makes a statement & directs your guests: -Approximately 10 Up-lights
  • Custom Designed Gobo + Professional Source-4 on Base
–       Projected onto a Black Pipe & Drape (approx. 12’ wide)
  • Custom Printed 8’ x 8’ Step & Repeat Banner in between 21’ x 8’ drape  – Includes all Pipe & Base to hang everything 
Moroccan Inspired Entertainment:  
  • (2) Stilt-Walkers  – includes custom costuming
            –  To walk among the crowd, as if searching through the dessert for their Bedouin Tent; Fully Moroccan Draped in rich fabrics:
                    – Gold, Fucia, Purple, Green, Ornate with beaded fringe & accents
  • An Unbelievable Strolling Illusionist – 7:15-8:00pm –
            – Randomly approaching & entertaining guests 
  • Hot Belly, Sword & Snake Dancers roaming & dancing the property
Audio, Video & Fantastic Lighting:
  • Crisp, spectacular sound, everywhere with 8 powered speakers 
o   We will connect to Band’s System with additional speakers run throughout the entire venue. Includes all wiring & Speaker Stands.
o   We will also be able to connect audio from the other Party Room
o   We just need the venue to provide electricity as needed.
  • High-Quality Up-lightingof the entire Venue with 80 up-lights  
  – our WIRELESS DMX Lights are The Hottest on the Market!
  – Colors can be MIXED for the perfect blend &saturatioin.
   – When it’s time to party, our Lighting Controller will show your guests                   
     what these lights can really do, changing styles to the music beat!
  • High-Powered LED Moving Head Lights around the Dance floor  –
       – 6 Intelligent Club Lights with 16 Patterns & Unlimited Color Mixing!
       – Moving Heads to be elevated 8’ above guests on 4 Free-Standing Truss
      – Includes a Light-Controller on site to manage your lighting experience…
this is Priceless, in case a VIP table hates any lights crossing their eyes, we can easily change them to another pattern of movement.        
  • 1 Projector, with Video Source & Sound if needed    –
– Images will be projected up the stairwell wall.
–       If additional rigging or trusses are needed to elevate Projectors,
  • Another Projector & 9′ x 12′ Free-Standing Screen  – 
–       To be positioned by the Dance Area (Front or Rear Projection)
–       Include a Luxurious Drape-Kit around the Giant 9’ x 12’ Screen
  • Live Video Feed + Videographer for up to 4 hours  –  
            – Includes lots of extension wire from one room to the other
            – Projected onto same screen as presentations.
            – Videographer from 9:00 to Midnight.
  • Includes (2) Wireless Microphones                                       
  • Includes (3) Source-4 Leko’s or LED’s with Gobo Patterns  
Audio, Video & Fantastic Lighting (cont.) :
Room 1 – Dining & Presentation Room (approximately 120′ x 50′ room)
Needs 12’ x 24’ Stage – Elevated approx. 3’ Tall – 
Also needs 16’ x 16’ Stage in the Party Room  – 
Test feedback from Live Feed Camera, filming directly in front of projection screen.
  •  Down-Lighting (from pipes) on Food stations
            * Approx. 8 Wireless Lights, lighting 8 food stations  – 
–       Includes free-standing pipe-&-base wrapped in rich Moroccan fabrics
Add Down-Lighting for (3) Bars as well  – 
Room 2 – The Party Room
Music from the Party-Room will be heard throughout the entire venue – Included
  • Amber Colored Up-lighting on the gates – Approx. 8 lights  –
Moroccan Inspired Design:  
  • Red Velvet Entrance Carpet; a bit of added luxury –
  • Another Red-Carpet down the Hallway to connect rooms 
                        – Approximately 50′ long  
  • An Entire Room FULL of Moroccan Lounge Furniture:               
–       We will bring More than enough to ensure a cozy environment.
             – Includes Richly Colored Leather Ottomans, Hand-Painted Wood Decorative Couches & Chairs, Large Royal Wicker Thrones, Brass Moroccan Tables, lamb-skin lamps in a variety of sizes, lamb-skin & brass room-dividers & more to fill your requested space of 12′ deep x 70′ long.

Sorry about all the Text above, it’s great for SEO purposes, but we’ll send you a nicer proposal.