Live By The Drum !

Live By The Drum is a High-Energy musical journey, filled with interactive Samba dance, live percussionists, tribal & Brazilian dance shows, and an opportunity for your guests to bond with every beat of the drum.
This interactive Theme Party has multiple segments of excitement, and can be tailored to your event’s time parameters, ranging from a 20min. performance, to a 4 hour interactive journey.
Live By The Drum… Harmonize with your surroundings, connect with your friends or colleagues, unify as ONE through the universal language of Rhythm, Dance & Drumming!


We hope our Video & Images say enough about our one-of-a-kind, L.E.D. Light-Up GLOW-SHOW Entertainment! Below you’ll find options including:
LED Light Up Poi, Hoops, Flags, Staff, Juggle-Balls, Diablo, Wings, and even Light-Up Performance Clothing!
L.E.D. Stilt-Walkers, including our 9’ DMX-Programmed Visual Robot Dancer!
Custom LED Message-Poi with the ability to Spin Visual Images & Text!U.V. Table-Décor, Custom Backdrops, Props & other Light-Up Furniture!
L.E.D. Light-Up Dancefloors with option to program messages, colors & designs!
U.V. Airbrushed Models or U.V. Tattoos painted on guests!
L.E.D. Light-Up Living Table Ladies with Glow-Party Favors!
Neon Stilt-BOUNCERS on Spring-Loaded Bouncing Stilts!
Twinkling Go-Go-Dancers with LED Battery Packs woven into costumes!
And a variety of other LED Light-Up Performances & Décor to make your party POP!

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