1) Haunt & Halloween Party-

2) Real Haunted House at Gulfstream –

3) 1-Day Team-Building Haunt –

At our initial meeting we will gather info on your budget & preferences, in order to design the perfect Hauntingly Fun party for Nations Health around your budget.

We can actually design & build a “Haunted House” entrance to your party complete with:

Haunted Décor including an entire Graveyard of forty ‘graves’ (some with custom messages like “Buried in Paperwork, or Jimmy’s Dignity, etc”), Dozens of Haunted Characters & Props, a 10’ Hanging Ghoul with light-up eyes, Severed Limbs, Hanging Mummified Corpses, Tons of Spider Webs, Skeletons, Rats & Snakes, Blood-Splattered Drapes, life-size character props, Projected Visuals & atmosphere such as Colorful Lighting, FOG, etc…

“Scary” & “Scare” Stations: The difference being, SCARY Stations are designed to set the mood, intrigue your senses & put you on edge… SCARE Stations are designed to FREAK YOU OUT! These can include: Talking Skeleton Head warning you at the entrance, Witch’s Fire-Pit roasting Something, Black-on-Black Ninja hidden in the black drapes, All-White Strobe-Light Tunnel with hanging mummified corpses, “Live-or-Die” Path Decision, Chainsaw-Massacre / Girl being sawed in half, Giant Monster with a Machete, Body-Parts Drape, Spiders-&-Bats that drop down closer to you, Creepy-Clown Station, LIVING Paintings, Stilt-Walking Demons, and/ or Props that come to life!

If you prefer something less ‘Scary’… we can also accomplish that as well.

60's Hippie theme party Florida
Haunted Halloween House party Florida
Horse Racing Derby fundraiser
Moroccan theme party decor Florida
Broward lighting rental

Past clients include:

Annual Haunted House Production for Schiller, Kessler & Gomez Law
Haunted House Production for South Florida Community College
Gulfstream Park & Casino’s “Stables-of-Terror”
Paramount Pictures
Microsoft Corp.
Ed Morse Corp.
The Miami Dolphins
Cat-Cay Island, Bahamas
The Port Royal Club, Naples
Telemundo – nationally televised!
Ultimate Blackjack Tour – nationally televised!
Fernando Hidalgo Show – Internationally televised!
Med-Equip Biomedical – for the past 6 years!
Pharmalogic Pharmaceuticals
Latin Superstar – Pitbull
Chad ‘Ocho-Cinco’
Chad Pennington’s 1st & 10 Foundation
BWM Tennis Championship
American Express
Nikki Beach
Eden Roc Hotel
The Breakers West Palm
Hollywood Playhouse
International Society of Special Events
…. and SO many more reputable & satisfied clients!

~ Passion creates excellence ~

We appreciate your consideration.