Cirque Du Partay

Ladies & Gentlemen… Boys & Girls…

Prepare to be Astounded by CIRQUE Du’PARTAY!

A Hot Party is proud to bring you a collection of amazing performers & unique designs to WOW your guests, while leaving your check-book ‘Balanced’.

We’ll save you time & money by coordinating all of your Cirque Entertainment, Lighting & Production elements, and even present multiple performance arts by the same team of talent (in different costumes).  We’ll even get your guests involved in the show & dancing all night long!

From Mitzvahs to Corporate Events, Cirque Du’Partayis a Big-Winner!  

Here’s a sample proposal you might want to work off:


A Hot Party’s “Living Red-Carpet Entrance -Greeter”

– with Red Dress / Carpet + Red-Hair & Accessories

+ include the Polished Chrome Stanchions & Velvet Ropes for

+ include Lighting at the Entrance for a mere


Cirque Greeter

– Includes a Stilt-Walking Jester; Juggling & Interacting Custom Green-Screen Pictures, shot at the entrance & Printed On Site!


Custom Green-Screen Pictures, shot at the entrance & Printed On Site!

– Includes a Custom Designed Cirque Background with your Logo & Text


(1) Living Table Lady strolling with either Signature Cocktails, Hor’Dourves or other Favors

– Includes a beautiful Models, Designer & Unique Cirque Costumes


(1) LED Light-Up Dancer in a Giant Bubble!

– Includes multiple sets of LED Light-Up Glow-Show both IN &Out of The Bubble!


Full Cirque Show:

– Includes either a ‘Stage Show’ or multiple sets of Atmosphere Entertainment, including:

– A Tiny 6-Inch Bike routine

– The “Fall-Apart Bike” routine

– LED Light-Up POI (with Custom Message Poi Finale)

– Performer Jumping Rope while on a 3-foot Unicycle

– Performer Juggling while on a Giant 6-Foot Unicycle

The NEW Triple-Aerial-Hoop with (2) Professional Performers:

– Includes our custom 3-Ring Aerial Lollipop Rig (see pictures).

“Little-Person” as an Interactive Dancer / Greeter / Character

– He interacts with the crowd with his basket of Light-Up Berries asking guests if they’ve seen any more Fraggle-Berries!


La Hora Loca! – Cap off your night with a High-Energy La’HoraLoca Set!

– Includes Stilt-DANCER + (2) Feathery Costumed Dancers

with all kinds of fun Party Favors to toss out to guests!

* LED Light-Up Rings, Necklaces, Battons, Noise-Makers, Horns, Confetti -Guns, etc!

Can you Imagine… ALL Of The Above for just $995! 

–          Absolutely Not. ; )   But if you call us NOW, we’ll give you a Great Deal!