Cheers Sports Bar

CHEERS to Success!

CHEERS is yourPrivate Sports-bar, where friendly rivalry’s are settled at the Basketball Pop-A-Shot, and new friendships are secured with High-Five’s at the 4-Player Foosball table! Your guests can compete for a metal on Wii Games like Archery or the 3-Point Shoot-Out! Test their hand-eye coordination on Mini-Golf or the Bean-Bag toss. A Hot Party will create an interactive playground for your guests, with two goals in mind: Fun & Team-Building.

We’ll expose the hidden CHAMPION in each of your guests. Arms will raise, laughter will erupt, & many accolades will be shared! But becareful… our costumed referees are throwing Yellow-Flags for Curse-Word slips& poor-sportsmanship!

“You’ll have stories to share with new industry connections for many years to come!” Bob Chojnacki with Honeywell Aerospace

“People that are shy in meetings all day, really come alive… It brings the jovial out of people!” – Tom Buyers with Boeing Airlines.

“The guys {Miami Dolphins} really had a great time!” – Chad Pennington.

– Foosball Table
– Pool Table
– Ping-Pong table
– Basketball Pop-A-Shot
– Football Toss Challenge
– Wii Resort / Golf / Bowling / Tennis / Archery / 3-Point Shoot-Out
– Mini-Golf Holes
– Bean-Bag Challenge
– Electronic Dart-Board
– SPEED; Go-Cart-Style Racing Simulators
– Arcade-style Fortune-Teller & Grip-Tester
– Costumed Referee’s with Yellow Flags
– Disc-Jockey & Master of Ceremonies

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