Fund Raisers

We put the FUN back in FUND-RAISING!

A Hot Party is honored to be your Partner in Philanthropy.

For over 20 years, we have gladly contributed 10’s-of-thousands of dollars (in sponsored entertainment) to help build South Florida’s non-profit organizations;

More importantly, We Want To Do The Same For You!

A Hot Party has organized Poker Tournaments for Intel & Admiral’s Cove, 500-person Casino Nights , and even a Blackjack & Poker Cruise of the eastern Caribbean with the U.B.T. (Ultimate Blackjack Tour). We offer you the same experience & quality that was chosen by this National Authority on Blackjack & Poker.

It is our pleasure to go a step beyond simply renting casino tables & sending dealers… We want to be Your Partner In Fund-Raising. By understanding your audience, your goals & your resources, we can help design a plan that includes:

  • Helping Calculating your overall costs & projected revenue goals
  • Developing as many Sponsorship / Naming Opportunities as possible
  • Delegating Specific Tasks & Accountability to your Volunteers
  • Social-Media & Partner-Website Promotion with online Ticket Sales
  • Complete Casino Party-Planning with Flexible Contracts &Low Deposits


Spencer Kramer, President of A Hot Party and professional Emcee has been praised by non-profits for his ability to connect with an audience & Generate Revenue! Spencer has developed certain Best-Practices for engaging an audience throughout an event and making it enjoyable for them to donate again & again.

Casino Fundraiser South Florida

Spencer has hosted fundraising events with Julia Yarbough of NBC-6, Lynn Martinez of Deco-Drive, and legendary anchor Tony Segreto to name a few, all of whom have praised Spencer for a job well done!

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